**For Safety and Insurance Rules**

**All Pets Require Daily Visits**

**Basic Care** 

Visits are tailored to your cat(s) needs.

Meals are provided as needed, fresh water, litter box scooped

 and medications given orally if needed. 

 I am able to give Insulin injections.

Play time and snuggle time included!

Each visit 15-30 minutes



**Extended Care** 

  Extended care is recommended if there are a number of cats in 

the home that need care during each visit. 

 Each visit 1 hour



**Service Area**

West Bradenton and Northwest Bradenton

Zip Codes 34205 and 34209 

up to Palma Sola Causeway on Manatee Ave West


**Holidays with Upcharges**

Thanksgiving Day - add $10 to each visit

  Christmas Eve & Christmas Day - add $10 to each visit

New Year's Eve & New Year's Day - add $10 to each visit

** Tropical Storms/Hurricanes**

Responsibility is upon the pet owner to have an emergency plan in place in

the event of severe weather conditions.  

I may be able to provide transportation for your cat(s) to a designated vet or kennel

within a reasonable distance,

but am unable to be responsible for their care during such events.  

**I do not offer the Following Services"

Overnight stays in your home 



Payment for ALL SERVICES is due on/before first visit

 unless otherwise stated on the policy page.


A little about me....

Quick Pet Care was born  out of necessity.  I was a victim of the economic downturn and lost my job in 2010.

 I had been doing medical billing for over 20 years, and prior to that I was in the banking field for 10 years. 

I decided it was time to take a leap of faith and started my professional pet sitting business in March 2012.

 It has been an amazing success.  

I came to Bradenton in 1980.  I have 5 cats of my own, Landis, Marley and Finn, Mason and Nova 

I have lived near downtown Bradenton in my condo on Wares Creek since 1998. 

I foster underage kittens for local rescues thru out the year in my home.  

Your pet(s) become an extension of my own pet family, so I care for them just as they were my own. 


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