Quick Pet Care - Service Agreement



  • All clients must provide a key to the home at the initial meet and greet visit.
  • Key pad codes or remotes could fail due to a dead battery or power outage.
  • Experience shows, it is good for the key to be retained for potential emergencies where there would not be time to arrange a key pick-up. Clients have had to leave town for emergencies, or even been admitted to a hospital and no advance notice was able to be given possibly leaving pet(s) uncared for.
  • Quick Pet Care maintains all keys in a manner that if lost or stolen your home could not be identified.
  • If you arrange for a key to be left ‘under door mat’ or any other unsecured location, you assume responsibility for this until sitter has arrived for the first visit to pick up key, and then until you return home after sitters last visit when the key is left back in the same location.
  • If key must be picked up or dropped off before/after care, a visit fee will be charged.
  • If services are discontinued by either party the key will be returned only after all balances are paid in full, including the visit fee charge to return the key to you.



Payment in full is due at meet and greet, or at first visit, unless care is for overnight or holiday care (see below policy) 

  • Tips are appreciated.
  • Methods of payment - cash, checks payable to - Patti Quick, credit/debit card (subject to 3.5% convenience fee), or Google Pay or Zelle emailed to pmq117@msn.com
  • If payment left does not cover all time and/or expenses incurred, an invoice will be left at last visit if possible, or mailed/emailed to you and balance is due immediately upon receipt.
  • If payment is not made on/before first visit, you will be contacted to provide a credit/debit card by phone/email/text. No visits will be made until payment is received in full.  If you are unwilling to provide payment after you have departed, then you will need to contact your emergency back up and have them assume care.  However, you will be invoiced for the scheduled care as this would fall into the cancellation policy.
  • If you are unsure of your return date, payment for the known time should be left.  If it does not cover the total fee for services the balance is due immediately upon your return home.
  • If for any reason payment is past due more than 30 days, Quick Pet Care will pursue the balance thru collections and/or small claims court.




  • No refunds will be made if you cancel, cut short your trip because you need to return home due to emergency, natural disaster, inclement weather, national emergency, or any other reason.
  • This was time set aside on Quick Pet Care schedule for YOU.  Other pets are scheduled around your pet care needs. Other bookings may not have been taken because there was no availability based on current schedule that included your pet care.
  • If Quick Pet Care is unable to fulfill its care due to accident/illness/other unavoidable emergency, you will be credited for unused visits.



  • Any returned check will be charged a $30.00 fee. 
  • Until your account is paid in full, no further requests or current bookings for pet sitting will be honored.
  • If for any reason there is a balance owed at any time after first visit, late fees will apply. Late fee will be $10 per day until balance is paid.



  • It is the pet owner’s responsibility to contact Quick Pet Care to give notification of your arrival home.  Please DO NOT call/text until you are home and your pets and house are back in your care again.
  • Please call or text (941) 518-1695
  • Please note that if there is a delay in your return home, Quick Pet Care will do its best to accommodate your pets. If that is not possible, your emergency contact will be notified and they will be responsible for the care of your pets and home until you return.



  • Please make sure that you pet proof your house before you leave.  Quick Pet Care will not be held liable if your pet causes damage to your house or gets loose due to owner error or negligence. All pets must be confined to the owner’s home or premises.
  • During each visit your pet will be cared for by providing fresh water, food, treats and/or medications as instructed.  Dog waste will be picked up, litter boxes scooped and once necessary matters are attended to, your pet will get play time and affection.
  • If upon arrival your pet has had accidents, diarrhea, or caused damage in any way that will require additional time and out of the ordinary cleanup, you understand you will be responsible for additional fees. An example would be, having to use a carpet cleaner.  These fees will be based on the time spend and the extent of the cleanup required.
  • Please be sure to leave paper towels, floor/carpet cleaners, mop, broom, dust pan and vacuum available.  If cleaners are not left, sitter will not use any more than water to clean up.  This is to prevent bleaching or staining of carpets or floors by using wrong products. Please be sure these items are not where your pet can get into them.
  • All food and water dishes must be washed/scrubbed before my first visit. Pet dishes should always be cleaned after each meal, and water bowls washed daily.
  • ONLY store-bought poop bags are accepted for waste pick up of dogs.  If these have not been provided a supply will be purchased, and an additional charge of $25.00 for sitters’ time will be billed to you, plus the total cost of the purchase.
  • Any pets that have control issues on a leash or that are not properly leash trained will not be taken outside of the client’s enclosed or fenced property.
  • If sitter is unable, or uncomfortable managing your pet on a leash for any reason, it will not be taken outside the owner’s property.
  • Quick Pet Care DOES NOT care for pets with aggression issues.  You will need to secure proper boarding with a licensed boarding facility.
  • Dogs that would normally be walked, would be walked in the rain, however they would only be given relief in your yard if there is lightning and thunder.
  • Quick Pet Care does not offer dog walking as a single service. This would only apply during vacation care so long as your dog(s) are well mannered on a leash.
  • If your pet has anxiety issues of any sort (being left alone, storms etc.) it is advised that they be kept in a crate or confined to a small room for their own protection and comfort. If you pet has such anxiety issues, it is recommended that you have on hand anxiety medications prescribed by your veterinarian and leave written instruction on how to administer them.



  • You must provide the name/address/phone number for a family member, friend, neighbor or whomever that has access to your home.  Someone that would and could step in to care for your pets if for any reason they would be called upon.
  • In the event that your sitter was to be in an accident or become ill, or any other circumstance that would not allow for continued care, your emergency contact will be called to provide emergency backup care.
  • Pet carriers and/or crates should be left in the event any situation arises that requires your pet(s) be removed from your home.
  • Vaccination records must be left in case of emergency, such as pet needing to be seen by vet, groomed, or emergency evacuated.
  • Quick Pet Care does not have anywhere to take your pet(s) in the event of hurricane/tropical storm or any other emergency where your pet would need to leave your home. 
  • It is your responsibility to have an emergency plan in place.




  • In the event a pet dies during your absence it will be taken to your veterinarian office to be held till you can make final arrangements. A fee of $25 will be incurred. You will be invoiced for this service.



  • Some homeowners implement use of recording devices or surveillance equipment in their home.  There is no issue or concern to Quick Pet Care in regard to use of such, so long as it has been disclosed that they are in use.
  • Quick Pet Care expressly prohibits the sharing of any images taken...ie... on social media, emails, printed copies etc., without written consent.
  • On occasion, Quick Pet Care may agree to provide overnight care in your home.  If so, absolutely no camera/video/surveillance equipment will be permitted in the bedroom or bathroom that the sitter would be provided for use. 
  • If it were determined that this policy is breached, your emergency contact will be called to step in and provide all further care, there will be no refund issued, and you will no longer be a client of Quick Pet Care.
  • Florida Statue 810.145 under video voyeurism would protect the sitter from use of equipment in areas that one could reasonably expect privacy. 



  • If upon arrival to your home Quick Pet Care notes anything out of the ordinary, such as open/broken windows/doors, or if after entering your home it is determined that your home or the sitter’s safety are at risk, 911 will be called and sitter will wait outside until it is cleared by law enforcement.
  • If ANYONE other than the sitter will be in your home you must notify sitter prior to your departure by providing the name of the person, when they will be in your home, for what purpose, and their phone number.
  • No friend, neighbor, family, contractor, worker etc. should be coming into your home during your absence other than whom you have noted, as this could trigger a 911.


  • Please take special note…Quick Pet Care liability insurance is void if it is known that others will be entering your home while your pets are being card for by Quick Pet Care, as no insurance company will assume liability for anyone other than the pet sitter.



  • If an alarm system is being used and the alarm goes off when the sitter is not at your home, the alarm company should dispatch law enforcement to your home and Quick Pet Care will meet an officer outside your home.
  • Once cleared alarm will be re-set.
  • If it is determined there was an actual break in, your pets will be secured and you will be called immediately.
  • Security Alarm call to go to your home to re-set or meet law enforcement, $25.00 plus time spent at your home.



It is important that you understand, when you book and get a confirmation for care, that time has been set aside for your pet(s).  A cancellation leaves a gap in the schedule, and other clients may have had to make other arrangements due to no availability.  Therefore, the following will apply:


Holiday Care – a 50% deposit will be required to book and confirm care.  This will be non-refundable.   There is also a $10 per visit upcharge for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Year’s Day.


Regular Visits – if cancelled less than 48 hours will still require payment as that time has been set aside for your pet(s), and being short notice that time is not able to be filled.


Vacation Bookings – if you have booked a number of days for care, payment will not be due till the first visit, however if you make changes to the days/times less than 48 hours before care begins, you will still owe for any time that has been booked in addition to the changes.


Short Notice – if you request a visit less than 5 days an upcharge of $10 per visit will be applied.




  • Only the 'meet and greet' visit is free.  All other visits to your home are subject to applicable fees. 
  • If you request sitter come to your home before each vacation to get updated instructions/changes, this is subject to a visit fee and will be based on the amount of time spent and payment will be due at end of visit.  (see fees & services for amounts per visit)
  • If you adopt a new pet since the last time Quick Pet Care provided care, a visit is required so that an introduction can be made, new paperwork obtained, and instructions given for care. This is subject to a visit fee.
  • Lock Outs - You have locked yourself out of your home and call sitter to come to let you in, a $25.00 fee will apply.



  • Normal visit hours are between 7:00am – 8:30pm
  • If you request a time outside normal hours and I am able to accommodate it, add $10 to each visit made before/after normal hours.
  • Pets requiring timed medications, or pets that need to be let outside for relief are scheduled first. 
  • Quick Pet Care will accommodate requested times of visits as best as possible, but if your pet has access to a litter box or outside to the yard, they will not take priority over a pet in need of timed medications or a pet that needs sitter to get access to outside.
  • Weather, traffic and other issues could arise that may prevent sitter from arriving at your requested time, there is never a guarantee of arrival time!
  • If you have booked your visits last minute and Quick Pet Care is able to accommodate you, your pet will be worked into the schedule and no guarantee will be made as to timing of visit. An upcharge will be applied to each visit when less than 5 days’ notice has been given for care.
  • It is recommended that ‘before’ you make travel arrangements, you contact Quick Pet Care to ensure availability for care.



  • From time to time Quick Pet Care may close for vacation time, or other necessary time off.
  • It is advised that before you make travel arrangements you request availability for your pet care needs.
  • I try to balance my pet sitting with my personal life. I need time with family and friends too, so please be kind and book in advance. Its not fair to me when clients book last minute when they knew for weeks or months, they would need care. 
  • I am not an on-call business, there may be times that I am simply not available


Please note: polices can change as new circumstances present themselves and changes need to be implemented. Please visit Quick Pet Care’s website to review the current policy section. 



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